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You will have seen some of these videos before. That's ok, we just want to share videos of people just getting out there and walking the walk.

Some are professionals, others are just normal dudes  who are out there doing it for their own pleasure and sharing it with us.

TT lap- car record

Mark Higgins demonstrating huge commitment,

driving skills, and most importantly, balls.

17'35" is a fantastic time but something to think about;

128mph average speed.

175mph through Bray Hill on those narrow , bumpy roads.


Yellowbird on the Nordschleife

Gives Climb Dance a run for it's money.

Stefan Roser shows his tyres who's boss

over two fully committed laps.

Almost as famous for the white socks 

as walking the walk.

Bathurst Lap Record

Everyone loves some onboard footage

from a lap of Mt Panorama, right?

McLaren claimed the lap record with a time

of 2' 01.286" in a 650S GT3

Nothing left to spare there!

Being Assertive

OK, it's Mt Panorama again, but this guy shows 

everyone how to make an overtake stick.

Definitely walking the walk.

Climb Dance.

Very possibly the best car video of all time.

Ari Vatanen walks the walk up Pikes Peak in his

Peugeot 405 T16.

We'll never see the like again since the course

has been ruined by being ashphalted.

Ari, we salute you!

Queen Of The 'Ring

Have you ever wondered why our gal Sabine Schmitz

 wears that particular soubriquet?

Watch her smash it round a full lap of the combined 

VLN circuit at the Nurburgring.

How many overtakes in one lap?

Walking the walk at it's finest.

JGF Walk The Walk


Our very own MarkT was dissed on an online

forum regarding his impressive skidding skills.


Within the hour, he was out filming this and 

had uploaded it to quash the doubters, pausing

only to create his high-end visual aid. 


Walking the walk indeed.


Ayrton Flat Out

Ayrton Senna on a hot qualifying lap round Monaco

 in 1989 in his McLaren.

Total commitment to walking the walk.