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We've all met them. The terminally useless who should take up crochet or stamp collecting or something.

This is a collection of wee videos to remind us there are actually plenty of people worse than us.

Camaro Clown

Another German circuit, this time the Hockenheimring.

Camaro driver manages to crash on the ducks'n'drakes warm up lap!

Gotta love the laugh from the video car...


"I'm sure I've forgotten something"

OK, not a track day, but this classic can't be left out.

Bloke getting towed forgets one very important step...

Has anyone noticed that "FUCK!" is the universal response

to stacking your car?


Seven Second 'Ring King

Let's kick off with one of the all-time, classic crash videos.

These guys are super-excited about their first 'Ring (half) lap

and manage to crash after just seven seconds on the track.

This man sets the bar pretty high in justgohome.

"Rallystyle, Innit?"

Our man Faz, explaining his slightly eccentric style through the corners.

At least he didn't say 'watch this' I suppose.

Faz mate, justgohome.


Mr S planting his lovely Noble

into the Eiskurve armco.

Manly "fuck" though...