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Some of the nonsesnse we have got up to over the years.

Good, bad, plain daft, it's all here.

Messing Around At Bedford

The Dog Basket and The Shed playing

about on the old Bedford circuit

scaring the natives


An archive mash-up of some of the 

stuff we got up to in 2005.

Walking the walk since way back when.

Daft Jocks On Tour 2003

A first ever trackday on Spa for our Daft Jocks,

 MarkT and DJ, taking the old Red Shed out

 for some exercise on probably the best circuit in the world. 

Organised by Eran Racing, you can see how the Belgians operate according to Big Boys' Rules and it's all the more enjoyable for that.

In A Spin

A 'drift' day at North Weald.

They really should be called 

'driving like an utter twat' days.


So, the Nurburgring bans the use

of video cameras on Touristenfahrten.

What else can you do except mount a

stuffed Loch Ness Monster on your dash

with a bulletcam stuck up it's arse?

Just a lap of the 'Ring

Mark shows the shed who's boss around the Nordchleife.

He doesn't let a bit of pad knock-back put him off in his quest to go sub-8'25" BTG.

Scary Scoob

Having a laugh on the Nordschleife, not 

trying to be as fast as possible.

The car's bouncing around because the new (untrailled) AST coilovers are undersprung by 33% front and 25% rear.

The driving is not totally smooth because Mark was bored and trying to do some wee skids on the way round.



MarkT drives a Porsche Boxster S

on the Nurbrgring GP circuit just

to see if it will go sideways.

This was his very first time behind

the wheel of a Boxster.

Rallystyle, Innit?

A crossover from justgohome.

Our boy Faz doing his best impression

of the late Colin McRae a couple of

minutes into his Nurburgring lap.

Some quality Belgian swearing  from

the passenger, Greg.


...and here's one of the embarrassing bits

 that we edited out of the previous vid.

They don't take any prisoners...


Trying to get a knackered old

Subaru with open diffs to skid

on the Nurburgring GP circuit.

Who else but MarkT driving?


Arseing around at Bedford

in the auld Shed