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Congestion and road charging  
Here are some of the arguments used by the Government.

Pay more for using the roads at busy times.

Errrm, we already do! When you are sat in a traffic queue, you are burning fuel and paying 57.95p/L Fuel Duty and 20% VAT on top of that for the privilege.

Those using the roads more, pay more.

Errrm, we already do! More miles = more fuel used = more Fuel Duty and VAT paid.

We need to change road users' behaviour by encouraging different working times.

Well, seeing as a lot of working people arrange their work around school times, you will need to get schools to stagger their start/finish times. Hang on; staff have kids at different schools, heck, some even have two kids in the same family at different schools.....bugger!

We predict gridlock due to the expanding number of vehicles "on the road".

Fuck right off with your twisting of statistics. Example 1 - ME. I currently have three cars instead of one, ten years ago. I can still only drive one fucker at a time though, so that's two more taxed but no more "on the road" - in fact they are, to be pedantic, at least two of them are at any one time"on DocJock's drive" Example 2. - The increase in the number of cars taxed is not matched by a corresponding increase in the number of drivers. The number of driving licences held is actually falling.

Do these morons actually believe we enjoy sitting/crawling along in congestion? If they thought about it they would realise that it is self-limiting. Sooner or later Joe Bloggs is going to say to himself, "sod this for a game of soldiers" and either find himself an alternative route, get on the bus (hahahaha), work from home, change jobs, or move house.

Why don't they tell the truth? Gordon Brown has dug himself into a big, deep, financial hole and wants to bale himself out by taxing the fuck out of us, the car drivers. If they can get a wee gizmo in all our cars to track our movements, even better! Of course that would never be used to measure our speeds and issue fines. Oh no, no Sir..................... Liar, liar, pants on fire

Don't stand for it. Write/email MPs and Govt Ministers, support the anti-roadpricing campaigns, and join the ABD.