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  • I tried to get booked in, honestly, but they wouldn't let me come. Shame, as I'd have been much faster than you if I was there.
  • My mate can't come to hold my hand. Rest assured I'd have been quick if I was there.
  • The driver list was full of cunts, which put me off.
  • We'd have smashed the record, but the track's all booked up for ages.     Ultima Sports Ltd - 2008
  • I went to visit my sister-in-law.
  • The dates clashed with a late deal holiday.
  • Nobody would lend me a driving licence to sign in.     Gossy
  • My towcar wouldn't start.
  • I was having a shit     Kimi
  • I lost my passport.
  • I'd already arranged to play golf.     Nathan
  • I was still in bed when everyone else was at the track.     MarkT
  • I went for a wank instead.